Monkey BookA charming, challenging alphabet book created by gifted Kitchener artist, Emily Hunsberger.  Each letter is adorned by her monkey puppets illustrating the alliteration for the letter.  From “Adventurous Astronaut” to “Inquisitive Investigator”, the book entertains and engages readers of all ages. It was so much fun when the eight-year-old friend asked me, “What is ‘inquisitive’?” and we walked around the yard each thinking about things we were inquisitive about.  In the end, he delighted in the new word and we went on to acting 'zany' along with the zookeeper.  

The book includes endnotes with a page of additional alphabet alliterations with an invitation to create more, plus a pattern to create a monkey puppet.

All monkeys and other creatures, clothing, and poses are created and photographed by Emily.

Emily, a member of KW Omas Siskona, gave 4Gs permission to sell her Monkeys From A to Z.  All sales are donated to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Click here to learn about the remarkable impact this campaign is having on community-based initiatives to support African gogos.  

Each book:  $20

Purchase can be made through E-transfer, cash, or cheque.
Items can be picked up or delivery arrangements may be possible. 

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