honey combLocal (Guelph area) raw honey, both srping and fall, in addition to  an assortment of beeswax candles made by beekeeper Johann, available for your pleasure.  What's sweeter than local honey and soft beeswax candle light on darkening evenings? Click here to learn about "honey44", Johann's bees, his products and a biography about this remarkable young man.
Spring and fall honey. 
Honey jar 1kg - $20 
Honey jar 500g - $10

Candles are 100%  beeswax.
Angel Candles  13cm - $20 
Bee Pillar Candles 15cm - $7.50.
Snowmen Candles 5cm - $5 
Rose Candles  3cm - $2.50

Payments can be made through e-transfer, cash, or cheque. Items can be picked-up or delivery arrangements may be possible.

16% donated to the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

For more information or to arrange purchase and pick up contact:
Sya VanGeest
Email: grandmasya@gmail.com
Text or call:  519.831.8897

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