PurdysFollowing a very successful Purdys chocolate campaign for Christmas, 4Gs are pleased to partner with Purdys in a second fund-raising project. We want to continue to raise money so African grandmothers get the money they need for their remarkable grassroots projects. All through the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.


Who does not love chocolate?  They're welcome gifts, sweet thoughtful, "Thank you" or "So happy you're in my life", and, of course, enhance your own fondness for quality chocolate.

Know that Purdys scrumptious chocolates are Canadian-made using 100% sustainable cocoa.  They state, "... the premium we pay for sustainable cocoa directly benefits our cocoa farmers. It supports education programs for farmers (especially women and single mothers), helps pay for mobile medical trucks, and makes clean water
possible in rural communities." Click here to learn more about Purdy's sustainable program.

To order follow these easy steps:
Click here to register,  join GoGoSweets, browse Purdys many choices, and place your order.

Complete your orders, click here Purdys Website
The final order date is March 16 and the delivery date is March 29

For more information contact one of the following:
Lynne Thackwray mlthackwray@gmail.com
Arlene Davies-Fuhr abfuhr@teksavvy.com
Anne Stewart nastewart3@gmail.com

Curbside pickup on March 29 at 6 Village Green Drive, Guelph
to make other arrangements, contact one of the above.

(When you go online to register and order, you will find a catalogue, but if you'd like a hardcopy, contact Lynne.)

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