Tree gnomesThese sweet little guys are about 4 inches high and we have girls and boys. They are the end product of an interesting metamorphosis of an old wool sweater.  When the sweater is taken apart, first mitts are created and when scraps are no longer big enough to make mitts, they are turned into large gnomes.  And when those scraps are too small, we make them into these sweet little gnome Christmas decorations.

95% of our things are made from recycled items. It’s surprising what you can find in the yarn and material sections of a secondhand shop. Always conscious of putting into practice family values learned from the past. 

They come in many different colours. When you place your order, select your gender and colours.
They are $5 each
Payment can be made through E-transfer, cash, or cheque.
For more information or to arrange purchase and pick up contact:
Ruth Hayston
Email:  Phone:  519 824-6572