* Fundraising Overview

The planning process for major projects, that is those that will require our members' participation, is as follows: - -

 calendar Poster3- - 1. it starts with pitching an idea to the Planning Team and 4Gs members and successfully getting backing in principle with the support of at least three members to conduct research for more details.  

 - - 2, After completing a feasibility study, return to 4Gs, report and make a motion for approval at a regular meeting
 - - 3. Present to the Grandmothers Campaign and get the approval of The Foundation.

Want to see the process of developing a project in action? The cookbook is a microcosm of this process.

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 shopping in wool room 2017 Oct
Shoppers at FABULOUS FABRIC and FIBRE FRENZY  - -  Friday October 20,  2017


4Gs- together4Gs are engaged in a number of ongoing projects, each of which puts our objectives into action but each with its own emphasis.  Typically there is overlap among the four objectives:
- to raise awareness of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers (G2G) Campaign, part of the Stephen Lewis Foundation ,
- to raise funds for the Grandmothers Campaign,
- to nurture a joyful comradeship within the 4Gs,
- to embrace the efforts across the country and across the sea to African Grandmothers

Like all groups across Canada, 4Gs are, and have been, engaged in many projects since their beginnings in 2006.
We are proud that we have been able to contribute $348,355.06 to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign during our ten year total. (to Sept 18. 2017)

  . .  Main areas of fundraising initiatives:

Marie - Sya1. Some projects are the initiative and labour of an individual member with an idea pursued to implementation. Most of these have endured as such since 2006. *(e.g., growing & selling plants,  organizing an annual bowling party, sewing vests our members buy, selling Fair Trade coffee, storytelling, creating and selling greeting cards, making presentations, blowing bubbles - selling bubbling kits, sewing 'lug-a-mugs', inspiring us to feed Spirit Jars over the summer, selling African picture books and puppets (20% cash discount from The Bookshelf, an independent downtown book store).

Powered by Love2. When it comes to major group projects, we are typically all involved in one way or another; (e.g.,  "Africa Day for children and evening concert",  "Hats off For African Grandmothers", "Textile Art Show",  "Fabulous Fibre Fabric Frenzy (4F's) [three repeats], "Loving Hands: . . ." (cookbook),  Glam Sale, Ilana Lewis-Landsberg: keynote at Guelph Third Age Learning Anniversary Celebration, and the most recent: Book launch, Powered by Love.

  • - - Ongoing:  Loving Hands: Recipes and Reflections, (18 months in the making, launched at the Eden Mills Writers' Festival, summer 2015) with ongoing sales - a most successful endeavour to date. (Order your copy)
    - - - Some of these major initiatives have been repeated several times (e.g., Hats Off and 4Fs and Market events).
    - - -
    Some were one-off projects, major ones by 4Gs committee engaging many volunteers and some in collaboration with community partners. These have included events such as the Celebrating Africa
    (2007), Textile Art Exhibit (April 2014);  AfriGrand Caravan (2009); Hosting ORRG Gathering (Sept. 2014); Tribunal Film and Reception (Sept. 2015), Ilana Lewis-Landsberg as keynote at Guelph Third Age Learning anniversary event (May31, 2017), Book Launch, Powered by Love (Nov 7, 2017)

  • 4Gs market- - - And of course, there are the Markets, with our tables laden with the creative, skilled items made by 4Gs members and sold at many community events from church bazaars to Legion's holiday event; from  Out of Africa concerts to ORRG Gatherings. The Market continues to be one of our most enduring money raising endeavours. 

3. Other ways to make donations are individual decisions: (e.g., for life events such as birth and in memorium gifts or donation of Aeroplan Miles). Click here.

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Two major group projects 2018

We participated in the national Stride 2019 for the first time and were excited of its succes and an appetite to repeat it next year. Peggi took the intiaitive to register our team and urged, cajoled and moved us forward to succes . See 4Gs team results

Currently we engaed in the 2019 Calendar project. We enjoyed a wonderful launch event on Tuesday evening, September 18. There's an exciting buzz about the calendat and its reception. The team, co-led by Arlene and Susan, were fired with enthusiasm, vision and energy that's carried the project. 

calendar Poster3  4Gs Stride #2

Two major group projects 2017
1. October 20, 21 2017: The third time 4Gs held the third  FABULOUS FABRIC and FIBRE FRENZY 
- - Friday evening, October 20,  "Early Bird Sale" - -
Saturday,  Oct 21, 9:00am to 2:00pm
- -

Ilana landsberg-lewis42. On Wednesday, May 31st,  Ilana Lewis-Landsberg was the keynote speaker at Guelph Third Age Learning 30th anniversary celebration in the River Run Centre - - an amibitious community event to fill the 700-seat concert hall. Ilana's topic:  "FROM SURVIVAL TO SOCIAL JUSTICE: African Grandmothers Mobilizing to End AIDS"


ClICK HERE  to see - - Sample successful 2016 events!

Sample successful 2016 events!

June 11, 2016
$20,385.87 proceeds to date (July 6)
Hundreds of scarves, purses,
and 'tons 'of jewelry, complete with renowed  4Gs bake table, cafe and Loving Hands cookbook!!

We're proud to be the lead story on the the Landing Page of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign Website.
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An annual initiative led by 4Gs Marie
10th Anniversary
$10, 325.00 this year!
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and see the photos!



4Gs Mary and her 90-year-old father.
Remarkable $ 7,500 this year!
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and see the photos!

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