* Infinity Scarves: Johanna


Meet 4G Johanna. Over the past year Johanna's infintiy scarves have been the most popular item on our market table and generated the most income during 2017- Over $1000.  Way to go Johanna.

Johnna3Johnna writes,
I love to sew, but I don’t have the patience or accuracy of a quilter.
I also love fabric, and I enjoyed being involved in the Fabulous
Fabric and Fibre Frenzy in 2017. During that time a member brought in
a sample of an infinity scarf. I admired the scarf, and when another
member suggested I make one, I was ready. I had so much fun
transforming remnants of donated fabric into fashionable infinity
scarves. The scarves became a staple at the 4Gs’ craft markets and
raised over $1,000 for the Grandmothers Campaign in 2017. Scarves are
like jewelry. They can dress an outfit up or down. I am still finding
new and exciting fabrics to turn into scarves. For spring and summer I look for lighter fabrics and colours. In air conditioned environments
it is nice to cover your neck!"

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