Lots of Fun -
The Winners:  
Most Elegant: Feathers
Most Creative: Bob The Builder
Most Outrageous: Poliltically Steamed
Best in Show: Star Power  
Hon. MentionButterflies and Garden Gnome  
Top Ten: (in addition to the four winners)  Gardening;  Mad Hatter; Aussie; Jurassic Park, Minnie Pearl;
To all the 4Gs from the Hat-i-tude Team
On behalf of Rosemary, the Hat-i-tude team, and myself, we want to say "thank you so much".
Without your support, encouragement and your participation we could never have pulled off this event. Our goal was to serve a lunch, have a fun time with crazy hats, and raise money at the same time, and I think we did it. We have received numerous compliments from the attendees, our goal achieved. 
Nothing ever runs smoothly, but as they say, people only see the calm surface of the water, not the under-currants below. We want to extend a thank-you to all whohelped by carrying out the jobs they signed up for. And a special thank-you to those members, and family members that went above and beyond and worked tirelessly on our behalf. We are forever grateful.
Yes, we are a little tired this morning, but when you saw all the crazy hats yesterday, how ladies went all out to create some outrageous, elegant and creative hats, it was all worthwhile.
When you saw the Lot table with all the auction donations, and the attendees double checking the lots time and time again, it made it all worth while.  And most importantly, being able to do our part to help our sisters in Africa, made it all  worthwhile.
So humbly, we want to say "thank you"
The Hat-i-tude team