* Fair Trade Sales: Wilma

We raise funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign (G2G) through the sale of Fair Trade products and we enthusiastically and energetically support Fair Trade in our practices.  A win-win!

Fair Trade SalesOne of our members, Wilma, brings in Fair Trade coffee for us to buy at our monthly meetings. She is also a regular presence at our market events to sell to the general public. 

Wilma donates profits to the Grandmothers' Campaign. This past year she was able to donate $400 total.
$200 on Jan 7, 2016
$100 on June 23,  2016       
$100 on Dec 29, 2016


Guelph Fair tradeBut Fair Trade is more than a project to make money for G2G, although that is our prime objective. The principles of Fair Trade, -- justice and support through fair marketplace prices and standards for farmers and those in related support industry, -- is very much in harmony with the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation and its Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, which we actively support. It is worth repeating, the 4Gs feel deeply for the grandmothers in Sub-Sahara Africa as they lead the way in caring and advocating for their orphaned grandchildren in the most remarkable, creative and energetic ways. We in turn are active in Guelph raising awareness and funds to support their work for justice and support. “We will not rest until they can!

When a local Guelph committee was trying to get the city of Guelph designated as a a Fair Trade community, our group was approached as a leader in the communty and asked to add our support. We were happy you do so  after their presentation and a Q & A and we sent a letter of support to City Council, including a commitment to put Fair Trade into practice. We recognized that although many 4G members individually buy Fair Trade, we wanted to do more. We passed a motion that confirmed our commitment to serve Fair Trade products at our monthly meetings and at all our events. We would each be conscious of promoting FairTrade in the many other activities in our lives.

In addition, in the same spirit of Fair Trade, we engage in other best practices to tread as lightly as possible on our planet and at the same time raise funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. One of our members sews and sells her lug-a-mug bags, not only to us, but in many venues ranging from shops to Third Age Learning events.

Guelph Fair tradePS To qualify as a Fair Trade Town is a rigorous process. There are six requirements.  In the end, the City of Guelph affirmed an Ethical Purchasing Policy and we were officially identified as a Fair Trade Town. (There are  fewer than 20 in Canada as compared to many in the UK.)


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