ellen's grandson at bubbling workbeeBubbling

Workbees to make the wands,  demonstrate them, and sell at outdoor 4Gs markets


Ellen's grandson shows how it's done!!
He is good!




The History of 4Gs Bubbling
picnic bubbling3In 2015 we had Guelph's "bubble lady", Lynn as our guest at the outdoor June picnic meeting. Lynn introduced us to the magic and fun of bubbling. She shared her non-toxic bubble recipe. We were fascinated.
Lynn bubbling with her 'safe' mixture



Lynn went on to become part of the 4Gs presence at the August John Galt holiday street party, as part of the 4Gs market. Young and old were fascinated with the bubbles - with ooh and aah and requests for a chance to try.
For 4Gs market volunteers, it was a natural sagwee into a conversation about the 4Gs and the Grandmothers' Campaign. We were impressed that all 40 bubble wands Lynn made, sold. Lynn donated the proceeds to the Grandmothers Campaign.


Then Lynn offered to give over bubbling to 4Gs for our work of fundrasing and education.
A wonderful gift.

worbee in royal city park 2016


We bought all the materials and ingredients and Lynn joined us at outdoors workbees to show us how to make the wands, mix the best bubble recipe and tricks such as getting a bubble within a bubble.









beautiful bubble
Bubbling at the August 2015 John Galt weekend celebration, fascinating young and old.
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picnic bubbling2






Lynn's bubbles added fun and inspiration to our 4Gs June (2015 and 2016) picnic meeting.
Jean takes a turn. 


Bubble wand workbee Royal City Park Aug 206

A beautiful sunny day to have a bubbling workbee in Royal City Park.

Margaret, Lea Anne and Isobel hard at work.
At $10.00 each - the careful work to build a strong wand is worth it.









bubble wand workbee for Aberfoyle Market

Bubble wand workbee for Aberfoyle Fair (August 2016)
Dorothy, Bev and Jean.
An opportunity to visit and support 4Gs fundraising  efforts.


Sanpd Sept 2016

From Snap'd Sept 2016 - Bracelet of Hope event at Royal City Park
Isobel, Sya & Peggi,sharing the fun of bubbling with a child.
Caught the reporter's eye.

child sdmiring buble BoH Aug 2016

From Snap'd Sept 2016 "Mesmerized by a beautiful bubble"

Bracelet of Hope event - Snap'd Sept 2016


Bracelet of Hope
10th anniversary celebration in August 2016.
4Gs were invited to share the party and set up a Market for Grandmothers Campaign.
The bubble wands and Peggi's solar powered outdoor lights were the big sellers

bubbling galt2916








Andrea's bubbles attracted lots of attention,
at John Galt holiday weekend Aug 2016.









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