* John Galt 2015 Market: August 2

 Foundation handouts ready to distribute.Guelph's Civic Holiday became John Galt Day in 2007, and for the past five years 4Gs have been delighted to participate in the holiday weekend's Saturday Market. We've always seen it as primarily a good opportunity to spread The Word of the African/Canadian Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign and raise some funds at  our market table - - - ,  the latter never a great amount.  When the gorgeous Guelph City Hall Market opened the John Galt Market was around the splash pool  and along Carden Street. A delightful spot.
But this year (2015)  was magical!!I
City Hall Market Street (Carden),  was closed with lots of family-friendly activities. But there was something new and brilliant!
Wilson Street, a short street linking the Saturday Market building  with the City Hall Market was closed to traffic and magically transformed by UoG students into an urban garden with flowers and benches and activities. In addition both sides of the street were lined with market tables with great food and products, including our 4Gs display-market table. Our banner against the cement backdrop looked stunning. There were clusters of kids and adults creating beautiful chalk drawings on the cement walll across from us. What fun!!

It took a lot of work to set up, but as often happens, the team of ready 4Gs volunteers, family members, (hubby Gary and daughter Pearl), all  arrived at 6:30 am to set up by 7:00 opening and others appeared late afternoon to take everything down, including Ellen's hubby Gord. 

beautiful bubble

Perhaps the biggest new contribution this year was 4Gs new member, affectionately called, "Bubble Lynn."  (Lynn introduced us to her bubbling at our June Picnic meeting.) We loved it, so we were delighted when Lynn suggested she participate in the John Galt market. Just look at the photos that capture Lynn's amazing bubbles. She stood at the top of Wilson, curving down under the railway crossing. The breeze picked up the bubbles and sent them up and onward and they morphed and pulsated against the  beautiful blue sky framed by the twin towers of The Basilica.  Children and adults were mesmerized and delighted when Lynn showed them how to bubble and they took their turn.
Lynn shared her non-toxic bubble recipe and created bubble wands to sell. Lynn created 30 wands for sale at the 4Gs market table and all were bought. (Lynn contributed her proceeds to G2G.)

It was an exciting event for 4Gs to be part of.  Counselor Phil called it, "Electric", and it was!!

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