* Griots in Action

Griots at Guelph Crepuscule 2016 at The Arboretum - University of Guelph

"Crepuscule brings together diverse people and communities from all walks of life in a massive and organized improvisation. I want us to remember that life is rewarding and worth living—even with its current obstacles and challenges." . – Douglas Ewart

CrepusculeCrepuscule 2016 was on May 14th and it was so co-o-o-ld -  a record breaking low temperature. The 4Gs Griots were there to participate in building community through The Arts.  We joined the huge circle  of many other arts groups with ceremonies and then broke off to our spot  for African storytelling, drumming, puppets, and music making to bring attention to  African grandmothers and the orphans they support.