* Fabulous Fabric and Fibre Frenzy (4Fs)

4Gs Poster

Oct 3, 2015

It took months of preparation. and finally 4Gs second Fabulous Fabric and Fibre Frenzy (4Fs) unfolded on Saturday, October 3rd. (The first two years ago.)
There were numerous workbees of different teams, some to sort buttons, others knittting needles, or books, or patterns, or notions, and yards and yards of fabrc and hundreds of skeins of yarn, First came evaluating each item, (in the case of fibre, expert Ashley  came in for the task), then pricing and packaging and displaying for the sale. It was a lot of work! There was indeed a great assortment of qualiy bargains. 


Working in teams to sort, weigh, evaluate, wrap, price, pack 

Such beautiful, quality fabric to measure, fold, evaluate, price, pack

We're ready to inspire customers and dream of the money we raise for African grandmothers.