* Annual Bowling For Africa: Marie

Story in Guelph Snapd, July edition; (Click here)

Marie & BFA team SNAPD July 2016

"Bowling For Africa"

Photo courtesy of Snapd Guelph. (July 2016)

4Gs member Marie
(on right with 4Gs vest)
with the organizing team of Bowling For Africa 2016.

This is Marie's tenths year of leading the organizing team.
In that decade, a remarkable, over $60,000 has been raised for the African Campaign.

 Story from Guelph Snapd (july 2016)
he Guelph GoGo Grandmothers held their 10th annual Bowling for Africa fundraiser in May, raising over $10,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation's work to relieve the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS in Africa. After a great afternoon of 10 pin bowling at Woodlawn Bowl, everyone was invited back to the home of Lynne & Rob Wolstenholme for drinks and appetizers, and to award the bowling trophy to Rob Wolstenholme, who was also the top scorer this year. In the last 10 years the GoGo Grannies (gogo is the Zulu word for grandmother) have raised many thousands of dollars through concerts, auctions, book & craft sales and social gatherings such as this one. For more info visit www.gggg.ca" (Gueph Snap'd July 2016).


2016 bowling signTen years ago, 4Gs member Marie coordinated a bowling party for invited friends, with proceeds from generous guests donated to the newly established Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.  Marie and her husband  hosted the spring Sunday afternoon event, with some of their guests enjoying ten-pin bowling and all coming together to their home for refreshments.

It was such fun and so successful, several friends volunteeered  to host the following year and so it went.

  2016 marks the tenth year that different folks have sponsored the bowling and fellowship  event . It is still going strong with thousands of dollars donated to G2G each year. The social time includes awarding a fun trophy to the winning team and a brief description of ways and means their contributions support selected grassroot projects in sub-Sahara Africa.

4Gs member Marie dreamed that this year, on the 10th anniversary of Bowling For Africa, over $10,000 would be contributed to the Grandmothers Campaign, and indeed it was! In addition, two generous sponsors stepped forward to help with expenses. (Body For Health and Clarke Roller and Rubber
Over the ten year, Bowling For Africa has raised over $ 60,000 - a remarkable accomplishment that speaks volumes about generous spirits in Guelph and the pull of the Stephen Lewis Foundation's work.

2016 Bowling Event

Bowling 2016 - welcome with 4Gs jbembe drummers4Gs Joan & Lynne drumming  a welcome

4Gs Marie does an amazing job leading the organizationg the eventThe winner holds the trophy for a year

Bowling Report