4Gs Laurie Picnic meeting 2016

 4Gs 10th Anniversary Lunch

Unveiling anniversary quilt2It was a beautiful fall day - October 4th, when Guelph GoGo Grandmothers and their guests came together to celebrate ten years of committed learning and working together to support the Grandmothers' Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. It was magic gathering.
The bright spacious banquet hall of the Victoria East Park Golf Club was flooded with light through the  floor to ceiling windows. The mingling conversation punch area overlooked the green, rolling hills of the golf course. The tables were decorated with African pieces and earth colours. There were display tables and rolling PP slides highlighting key moments of the decade.
The program was delightfully entertaining and informative. There were highlights and fun, and proud moments:
- The description of the double-sided anniversary quilt, designed and created by 4Gs artists, Anne P, Isobel and Marion, was inspiring.
- City Councilor Cathy Downer's greeting from the city was kind and generous. (She posted images and a lovely, complimentary note on her Facebook immediately after.)
- Healy Thompson, Manager of the Grandmothers' Campaign, brought greetings and cudos to 4Gs doing our part of the global campaign.

Cutting the anniversary cake
- Cutting of the Anniversary Cake by founding members recognized the seed they planted a decade ago. (The cake, was beautifully created by the baking class at  College Heights Secondary School in Guelph.)

- Ida Makuku, from Ghana, informed and inspired us with her stories of her connection and work with the Foundation in Ghana. A moving tale of courage, skill, resillience and joy. 
- The musical Interlude was so much fun. Neil McLaren, a musician, soloists and 'GrandOther,' altered and linked the lyrics of six songs to six selected projects and sang them with drama as 4Gs members hammed it up. 
- We sang a lusty, "Happy Anniversary to Us" and raised our glasses to toast ten years past, but also to a promising future.
- We watched the Rogers TV video that told our story through one-on-one interviews, interspersed with images documenting our regular monthly meeting in May. It's  now part of 4Gs library for those who missed it or want to see it again.  (Contact: grandmasya@gmail.com)
- Carrie Chun, the officer of the Grandmothers Campaign, who is our Campaign support, sent a lovely note.  (To read it - scroll slide show below)

Cathy Downer, Guelph City Councillor made the following post on Facebook. "I spent a lovely few hours this afternoon celebrating the Guelph GoGo Grandmothrs (4Gs) 10th Anniversary. I was bringing greetings from the City. It was humbling being with these amazing women and to see how inspired they are by the resilience of African Grandmothers who are struggling to support their orphaned grandchildren due to the AIDS epidemic. The 4Gs have raised $300,00 in the last 10 years to support these women across the ocean with whom they have created a strong bond."

(Grandaughter Ieva captured the event in images, with some contributions from Rosemary and Sya.

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