GRAN LOGOGrandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN)

 A number of grandmothers have involved themselves in advocacy work through GRAN, an independent organization and separate from SLF.
GRAN is a cross-Canada network of volunteers advocating at local, national and international levels.  They work to engage Canadian and international support for policies and programs that will address the needs of African grandmothers as they strive to sustain their families and communities in the wake of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.The focus of GRAN’s work is strategic and effective education and advocacy. GRAN participants take action to raise public awareness and influence policy-makers in three key areas:
>  Ensuring access to affordable medicines
>  Improving access to education
>  Ending violence against women and girls 
Norah_GRANNorah, one of our 4Gs members, is an active member of GRAN and we request regular updates on GRAN's initiatives.
At our June picnic meeting Norah speaks with passion:

- justice for Africa
- we need to be informed
- stand with other G2G groups
- urge Canada to pay its share for affordable drugs to fight AIDS

Learn more. Visit the GRAN website:  www.grandmothersadvocacy

Off GRAN's Website:

"We are volunteers working together across Canada to advocate in meaningful and strategic ways for the human rights of grandmothers, vulnerable children and youth of Sub-Saharan Africa."

What do we do?

  • We to raise public awareness and invite engagement.
  • We to influence national and global policy-makers.
  • We with like-minded organizations to amplify our voices and increase our impact.

Current GRAN campaigns in support of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Health:  Ensuring access to affordable life-saving medicines. 
  • Education:  Improving access to quality education for all.  
  • Gender-Equality:  Working to end violence against women and girls.  

We invite you to join us.

 [ for more information on how you can get involved.]

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