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G2G_10th anniversary

Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign celebrates 10 years!

4Gs is proud to celebrate 10 years too! Celebration event soon to be unveiled.

The first anniversary event in Canada has been collaboratively planned and organized by several S ON groups. This major event will be held on March 5 at Redeemer College in Ancaster. Keynote speaker: Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director and co-founder of The Stephen Lewis Foundation. Click here.

 4Gs: Who we are:

4Gs logoWe are one of 240+ Canadian groups of GrandMothers and GrandOthers, committed to contribute to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers (G2G) Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF).
SLF works in partnership with community-based organizations in Sub -Saharan Africa , "Turning the tide of AIDS in Africa"!
(Click here to learn about our beginnings and our beautiful logo.)

What we do:

We pool our unique resources: time, money, talents and passions - through our activities of  fundraising, education and advocacy.
All proceeds donated to the Grandmothers Campaign, an initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation:  

Grandmothers to grandmothers campaign   Stephen Lewis Foundation Stephen Lewis turing the tide

 Our objectives:

1. We hold events to raise funds where 100% of our proceeds go to the SLF in support of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

2. We raise awareness in ourselves and in our community of the needs of African grandmothers.

3. We build solidarity among African and Canadian grandmothers in order to better understand and sustain the vital work being done to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Loving Hands

"We will not rest until they rest."
Canadian grandmothers' statement of commitment made at the birth of the
Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
(Toronto 2006)

4Gs Snapd Sept 2015
Guelph GoGo Grandmothers (4Gs) in Action this past summer:
Working together to raise awareness and funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
at the Guelph John Galt Market Day 2015
Photo courtesy of snapd Guelph. (Sept 2015)
"John Galt Festivities "- photo by Meagan Bell

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What's New?
Aeroplan Miles makes work of Foundation possible
Mark the dates: Feb 23 & 24

aeroplan-logoDonations will be matched by "Aeroplan Beyond Miles", making them go twice as far!
"Donated miles have enabled us . . . to send field representatives to see the projects firsthand, and bring together community workers to share strategies and experiences with psychosocial counselling, orphan care and home-based health care.
CLick here to learn more & DONATE

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4Gs member, Carol was one of the Canadian contingent  who experienced
Uganda Gathering 2015
Invite Carol to give her informative, uplifting presentation - -

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logo 2006Highlights of Jan. 19th Meeting

What does the Foundation look like in action in Botswana? 
 - - Sign-up for Saturday Market (March-Apr ). 
- - Birthday card for 'Bicycle Bob's' 90th birthday, . . . . (Read about Bob.)
 - - Excitement building for June 11th
 . . (ready to unfold here soon). Click here.

- - Launched the 4Gs Lending Library. Click here.
- - Agreed to launch "Friendship Lunches" in Feb.
- - Celebrated 2015 donations of $43,085.02!!
- - Total 10 year donations $257,506.51!!

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Warm Welcome

We meet 3rd Tuesday of the month,
at Dublin Street United Church at 9:00 am
Next meeting
; February 16

Click here to see our meeting structure

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cookbook poster revised2

Loving Hands: Recipes and Reflections - $20
Every sale supports a great cause!

Get yours from any 4Gs member or at The Bookshelf
(Guelph's downtown bookstore)

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We're helping to Turn the Tide

SLF logo with child

Making life better for this child and every child!