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We heard remarkable stories 'powered by love'
POWERED BY LOVE: A Grandmothers' Movement To End Aids In Africa. by Joanna Henry with Ilana Landsberg-Lewis. Photographs Alexis MacDonald. Goose Lane, 2017.
On Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 at 7:30 pm, doors opened on War Memorial Hall, University of Guelph, anticipating  the remarkable stories of the indomitable African grandmothers, as documneted in the book. These African gogos have held families and communities together in the face of overwhelming loss. 4Gs is just one of a global solidarity movement of grandmothers they inspire.
* The event was an initiative of
Cafe Philosophique Author Series organized by College of Arts (University of Guelph)
in collaboration with Guelph GoGo Grandmothers (4Gs) and The Bookshelf.

  • "I attended the Toronto kick off for the Powered by Love Grandmothers' tour and it was an absolutely incredible night - easily the most compelling book launch I have ever been to - the guest Grandmothers from Africa are really something else." ______________________________________________________________  ~ ~ Roberta
    The book launch panel of Powered by Love experienced in Brantford was inspiring! - A most positive foreshadowing of our event on the 7th. The two African gogos told the most remarkable story of survival, ingenuity, courage, tenacity, love, power,  . . .. It’s hard to describe their impact. The book title captures the process.  See you Nov 7th     ~ Sya

Visit the Grandmothers Book Website

The Current (CBC Radio, Nov 23) "Grandmothers in Africa Fight for an AIDS Free Future"

"We thought we knew what was happening in Africa when the AIDS pandemic raged across the continent, sweeping away 35 million lives. But we never knew it the way this book reveals it, in the shockingly intimate voices of the grandmothers who had to rescue their orphaned grandchildren when no one else was left alive. These voices will leap straight into your heart. Their unguarded faces, in portraits that glow with character, pain and humour, will captivate you.”
  . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .
.Michele Landsberg, Author, journalist and Editor of Powered By Love


 - The Bookshelf, (41 Quebec St., Guelph) had Powered by Love available for sale at the evetn and in their downtwon store. Customer were dedlighted to have their copies signed.
- All royalties from the sales of Powered by Love will be directed to support organizations run by and for African grandmothers who are raising children orphaned by AIDS.

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4Gs logoWe are one of 250+ Canadian and Australian groups of GrandMothers and GrandOthers, committed to contributing to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers (G2G) Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF).
SLF works in partnership with community-based organizations in Sub -Saharan Africa , "Turning the tide of AIDS in Africa"!
(Click here to learn about our beginnings and our beautiful logo.)

What we do divider -African motif 

We pool our unique resources: time, money, talents and passions - through our activities of  fundraising, education and advocacy.
All proceeds donated to the Grandmothers Campaign, an initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation:  

Stephen Lewis Foundation
Stephen Lewis turing the tide


Our objectives divider -African motif

1. To raise funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation 

2. To raise awareness in ourselves and in our community of the needs of African grandmothers and the grassroots work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

3. To build solidarity among African and Canadian grandmothers in order to better understand and sustain the vital work being done to turn the "Tide of AIDS" in Africa.

Loving Hands

"We will not rest until they rest."
Canadian grandmothers' statement of commitment made at the birth of the
Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
(Toronto 2006)

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Wednesday afternoon, May 31,  2017  at the River Run Centre: Guelph.

THIRD AGE LEARNING GUELPH celebrates 30 years of learning and fellowship with a party and benefit event for the Stephen Lewis Foundation
Ilana landsberg-lewis5

Keynote Speaker was Ilana Landsberg-Lewis

African Grandmothers mobilizing to end AIDS"

South Africa Grandmother with grandchild photo Alexis MacDonald"Ilana Landsberg-Lewis stirred hearts when she described the way African grandmothers . . . .More - Click here.
A donation of $5,000 was gratefully accepted by Ilana.

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G2G_10th anniversary
On Dec 1,  over 30 Canadian grandmother groups organized and participated in a nationwide series of #GrandmothersCampaign flash mobs 

Guelph's 4Gs, along with GAFFA guests, were proud to be part of it.
CLICK HERE   to watch the Flash Mob compilation.

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SLF logo with childWe're helping Turn the Tide

Making life better for this child and every child!



  4Gs 800

Laura Goodman -brilliant phtographer

Part of Laurie's photo shoot for Loving Hands: Recipes and Reflections, the 4Gs cookbook. $20 - - -  Click here for details and to place an order


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What's New?

 ~ UPCOMING 4Gs Meeting ~

4Gs MEETING -  B-r-r-r 
No heat postponed our meeting to Tuesday Jan 30 2018

Unifor Hall 9:00 - 11:30 (Details here
611 Silvercreek Pkwy N.

Warm welcome! 

Come with ideas for fundraising ideas


 ~ it was great!  ~ 

Fabulous Fabric and Fibre Frenzy (4Fs)
waiting in line
Early birds waiting for the 4:00 pm opening
Friday, Oct. 20 -  4 to 8 pm 
Saturday, Oct 21 - 
9:00 to 2:00
 Dublin Street United Church: Guelph
4Fs sale event 2017
~ Happy customers finding great buys ~
- fabric, fibre, notions, yarn,  pattern books, costume/decor patterns, buttons, notions.

 - - While good weather lasts - -

~ Bicycle Bob's bikes~

63 Arkell Rd. (just off Gordon)

bibycle Bob

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Calling for item ideas
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Thank you B.C. Glacier Grannies for sharing.
Check them out

Check them out.
Bubbling workbee Royal City Park 2016

4Gs making wands at a work-bee in Royal City Park and grandson successfully testing the buble recipe and the wand.

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Why Frog Has No Tail

Griots present a new story
See Photos

Cast at June Picnic meeting 2017

Frogs @ June picnic mng 2017


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4Gs Anniversary Celebration  Party
A decade of learning and fund-raising to support the Grandmothers' Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
So much to celebrate!!
So many reasons to re-dedicate!!

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$359,465.61 ten year total to date
(October 2017)

We raised $56,203.95 in 2016
2017 total to Oct 17: $34 733.15

Sample successful 2016 events!


logo 2006Applause, Applause
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We've been on Rogers TV
Guelph Cable 20
Producer Jan Hamilton filmed
4Gs part of the cross-Canada Flash Mob
(Plus 4Gs at our May meeting
and performance of the 4Gs Griots at Priory Park Public School)

Videos part of 4Gs Library
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Loving Hands: Recipes & Reflections 
Every sale supports a great cause! e-mail